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11-27 Install and configure Renovate Bot on GitLab CE

The documentation for installing and configuring RenovateBot on a GitLab Self Hosted may seem a bit complex. It's actually not that complicated once you understand the right mechanics.

09-20 Sorting tags from a Git repo using semantic versioning

How to correctly sort the tags of a repository based on semantic versioning?


05-02 Upgrade Buildx in Docker CLI

How to update Buildx in Docker. Docker CLI includes the buildx plugin to extend the build functions of Docker. Problem, the available and pre-packaged version is not up to date with the latest developments. If you want to take advantage of the latest developments, you will need to update.


11-26 Azure-cli, activate autocomplete on Zsh

Azure-cli, active autocomplete in Zsh on Ubuntu.

04-11 GoHugo - Generate alternative images that can be used in the homepage

Automatically generate responsive and usable alternative images on the homepage

04-02 Manage distinct profiles in Git

How to simplify the management of identities associated with our Git commits and avoid configuration mistakes?