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2022 February

02-19 dima

TL;DR The contents of directories mounted with –mount=type=cache are not stored in the docker image, so it makes sense to cache intermediate directories, rather than target ones. In dockerfile:1.

2021 November

11-19 #Qovery and other cloud providers

Qovery supports AWS, Digital Ocean, and Scaleway. In this guide, we will focus on AWS to make it simpler. But keep in mind that you can use another supported cloud provider. You can even imagine a feature where your customers can choose the cloud provider of their choice.

2021 October

10-16 Fostering a web performance culture on leroymerlin.fr (1/3)

I’ve been a front-end developer for 10 years now at Leroy Merlin France and I’ve been involved in Core Vitals themes since 2014. My main focus over the last years has been Web performance. We have achieved a lot thanks to a widely adopted WebPerf culture. I want to tell you a story.

2021 September

09-23 SimplyTest.me From The Ground Up

As part of my proposal, I promised to do what I could to revitalize this. While this effort has taken years, we have hit another major milestone in our journey: We launched a completely new version of SimplyTest.me. We rebuilt the system from the ground up in an effort to revitalize the project.

09-21 Introduction to Hippo: the WebAssembly PaaS

The Deislabs team is really excited about WebAssembly. In fact, we’ve been experimenting and sharing our knowledge by developing new technologies in the WebAssembly space, such as Krustlet, WAGI, bindle, yo-wasm, and wasi-experimental-http.

09-21 Myanon

What is Myanon? Myanon is a mysqldump anonymizer, reading a dump from stdin, and producing an anonymized version to stdout. Anonymization is done through a deterministic hmac processing based on sha-256. When used on fields acting as foreign keys, constraints are kept.

09-19 Trendyol/kink : KinK is a helper CLI that facilitates to manage KinD clusters as Kubernetes pods. Designed to ease clusters up for fast testing with batteries included in mind.

Before getting started into the kink, we should talk about a bit KinD first who is not familiar with this project. KinD is a tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container _ nodes_.

09-17 Reusable job attributes in other jobs in GitLab CI/CD with !reference

Today I wrote some Python code and figured that I do not have linting available with pyflakes in CI/CD. Been reading this great blog post and built a short snippet: Installing the requirements with pip, and pyflakes could potentially be used by more jobs.

2021 August

08-09 Index of /exports/formation/manuels/formations

DALIBO is the leading PostgreSQL company in France providing support, training and consulting to its customers since 2005. DALIBO est le spécialiste français de PostgreSQL et fournit à ses clients du support, de la formation et des audits depuis 2005.

08-03 NSA, CISA release Kubernetes Hardening Guidance

FORT MEADE, Md. – The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a Cybersecurity Technical Report, “Kubernetes Hardening Guidance,” today.

2021 July

07-14 Announcement: Azure cloud cost estimates in pull requests

Thanks to our awesome community, I’m very excited to announce that you can now use Infracost to get cloud cost estimates for Microsoft Azure in pull requests. Try it now, it’s free and open source!

2021 June

06-18 Crypto Mining is Killing All Free CI/CD Platforms

We all know that crypto mining is negatively impacting many things in the world. And now it’s ruining something else in a way no one has seen coming. This is why mining crypto currencies is killing every free CI / CD platform.

2021 April

04-26 HAProxy Forwards Over 2 Million HTTP Requests per Second on a Single Arm-based AWS Graviton2 Instance

For the first time, a software load balancer exceeds 2-million RPS on a single Arm instance.

2021 January

01-06 Lesser Known Techniques for Attacking AWS Environments

This post will discuss lesser known attack techniques that I would use in attacking AWS accounts and conclude with a discussion of defenses.

01-03 WhiteSource Renovate

Real-Time Continuously runs and detects the latest available versions

2020 September

09-01 Introducing GitHub Container Registry

Since releasing GitHub Packages last year, hundreds of millions of packages have been downloaded from GitHub, with Docker as the second most popular ecosystem in Packages behind npm.

2020 May

05-31 Quoi de neuf dans PHP 8 (fonctionnalits, amliorations et compilation JIT)

PHP 8 devrait tre publi en dcembre 2020 et nous apportera tout un tas de fonctionnalits puissantes et dexcellentes amliorations. Alors que plusieurs propositions sont encore en cours dlaboration, de nombreux RFCs ont dj t approuvs et mises en uvre.

05-27 Deploy Any Resource With The New Kubernetes Provider for HashiCorp Terraform

We are pleased to announce the alpha release of a new version of the Kubernetes Provider for HashiCorp Terraform. The kubernetes-alpha provider lets you package, deploy, and manage all Kubernetes resources, including Custom Resource Definitions, using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL).

05-25 Terraform v0.13.0 beta program #25016

Terraform v0.13.0 beta program #25016 Comments Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in.

05-25 Azure Key Vault Provider for Secret Store CSI Driver

Azure Key Vault provider for Secret Store CSI driver allows you to get secret contents stored in an Azure Key Vault instance and use the Secrets Store CSI driver interface to mount them into Kubernetes pods.

05-24 Hexagonal Architecture, DDD & CQRS in PHP Symfony

Example of a PHP application following Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) principles keeping the code as simple as possible. Take a look, play and have fun with this. Stars are welcomed

2020 April

04-30 Why Zoom Chose Oracle Cloud Over AWS and Maybe You Should Too

Today, news broke that Zoom signed a deal with Oracle Cloud to host their cloud infrastructure, beating out AWS, Azure, and GCP. You might expect that this is about to be a post full of Oracle bashing. You’re about to be disappointed.

04-28 Advanced Dockerfiles: Faster Builds and Smaller Images Using BuildKit and Multistage Builds

Multistage builds feature in Dockerfiles enables you to create smaller container images with better caching and smaller security footprint.

04-08 Advanced Helm Techniques

This section explains various advanced features and techniques for using Helm. The information in this section is intended for “power users” of Helm that wish to do advanced customization and manipulation of their charts and releases.

04-02 18 GitLab features are moving to open source

When we rolled out our Buyer-Based Open Core model in 2018, what we laid out is that features are assigned to each of our four individual tiers based on who the buyer of the feature is. Features that serve an individual contributor land in Core/Free.

2020 February

02-25 Le premier modèle de messagerie open source de cybersécurité est lancé

Sécurité : OpenDXL Ontology est conçu pour le partage de données et de commandes entre différents logiciels de cybersécurité.

02-12 Diagrams · Diagram as Code

Diagrams lets you draw the cloud system architecture in Python code. It was born for prototyping a new system architecture without any design tools. You can also describe or visualize the existing system architecture as well.

02-07 Deploying apps on multiple Kubernetes clusters with Helm

At Dailymotion, we started using Kubernetes in our production environment 3 years ago. However, deploying applications on multiple clusters can be somewhat challenging, which is why we’ve been working to improve our tools and workflows over the past few years.

2020 January

01-17 Red Hat remplace le stockage d’OpenShift par le compliqué Ceph

Ceph était déjà une option possible à l’installation des précédentes versions d’OCS 4. La nouveauté de cette 4.2 est qu’elle gomme le principal reproche que les utilisateurs ont formulé : ce système de fichiers – dont le symbole est une pieuvre…

01-13 Cloud: Containous lève 10 millions de dollars pour developper sa nouvelle plateforme open-source

Containous, la startup à l’origine de la solution open-source Traefik, lève 10 millions de dollars en série A à l’occasion d’un tour de table mené par Balderton, avec le participation d’Elaia et 360Capital qui ont déjà investi dans la société.