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2020 September

09-01 Introducing GitHub Container Registry

Since releasing GitHub Packages last year, hundreds of millions of packages have been downloaded from GitHub, with Docker as the second most popular ecosystem in Packages behind npm.

2020 May

05-31 Quoi de neuf dans PHP 8 (fonctionnalits, amliorations et compilation JIT)

PHP 8 devrait tre publi en dcembre 2020 et nous apportera tout un tas de fonctionnalits puissantes et dexcellentes amliorations. Alors que plusieurs propositions sont encore en cours dlaboration, de nombreux RFCs ont dj t approuvs et mises en uvre.

05-27 Deploy Any Resource With The New Kubernetes Provider for HashiCorp Terraform

We are pleased to announce the alpha release of a new version of the Kubernetes Provider for HashiCorp Terraform. The kubernetes-alpha provider lets you package, deploy, and manage all Kubernetes resources, including Custom Resource Definitions, using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL).

05-25 Terraform v0.13.0 beta program #25016

Terraform v0.13.0 beta program #25016 Comments Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in.

05-25 Azure Key Vault Provider for Secret Store CSI Driver

Azure Key Vault provider for Secret Store CSI driver allows you to get secret contents stored in an Azure Key Vault instance and use the Secrets Store CSI driver interface to mount them into Kubernetes pods.

05-24 Hexagonal Architecture, DDD & CQRS in PHP Symfony

Example of a PHP application following Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) principles keeping the code as simple as possible. Take a look, play and have fun with this. Stars are welcomed

2020 April

04-30 Why Zoom Chose Oracle Cloud Over AWS and Maybe You Should Too

Today, news broke that Zoom signed a deal with Oracle Cloud to host their cloud infrastructure, beating out AWS, Azure, and GCP. You might expect that this is about to be a post full of Oracle bashing. You’re about to be disappointed.

04-28 Advanced Dockerfiles: Faster Builds and Smaller Images Using BuildKit and Multistage Builds

Multistage builds feature in Dockerfiles enables you to create smaller container images with better caching and smaller security footprint.

04-08 Advanced Helm Techniques

This section explains various advanced features and techniques for using Helm. The information in this section is intended for “power users” of Helm that wish to do advanced customization and manipulation of their charts and releases.

04-02 18 GitLab features are moving to open source

When we rolled out our Buyer-Based Open Core model in 2018, what we laid out is that features are assigned to each of our four individual tiers based on who the buyer of the feature is. Features that serve an individual contributor land in Core/Free.

2020 February

02-25 Le premier modèle de messagerie open source de cybersécurité est lancé

Sécurité : OpenDXL Ontology est conçu pour le partage de données et de commandes entre différents logiciels de cybersécurité.

02-12 Diagrams · Diagram as Code

Diagrams lets you draw the cloud system architecture in Python code. It was born for prototyping a new system architecture without any design tools. You can also describe or visualize the existing system architecture as well.

02-07 Deploying apps on multiple Kubernetes clusters with Helm

At Dailymotion, we started using Kubernetes in our production environment 3 years ago. However, deploying applications on multiple clusters can be somewhat challenging, which is why we’ve been working to improve our tools and workflows over the past few years.

2020 January

01-17 Red Hat remplace le stockage d’OpenShift par le compliqué Ceph

Ceph était déjà une option possible à l’installation des précédentes versions d’OCS 4. La nouveauté de cette 4.2 est qu’elle gomme le principal reproche que les utilisateurs ont formulé : ce système de fichiers – dont le symbole est une pieuvre…

01-13 Cloud: Containous lève 10 millions de dollars pour developper sa nouvelle plateforme open-source

Containous, la startup à l’origine de la solution open-source Traefik, lève 10 millions de dollars en série A à l’occasion d’un tour de table mené par Balderton, avec le participation d’Elaia et 360Capital qui ont déjà investi dans la société.

01-09 Istio as an Example of When Not to Do Microservices

I’ve been pretty invested in helping organizations with their cloud-native journeys for the last five years.

01-07 Apply transformations to Go code with eg · Go, the unwritten parts

If you are willing to make large scale refactoring in your Go programs, automating the refactoring tasks is more desirable than manual editing. eg is a program that allows you to perform transformations based on template Go files.

01-01 A decade in review in tech

As 2019 draws to a close, I wanted to jot down some thoughts on some of the most important technological adoptions and innovations in tech this past decade. I also look a bit into the future, and enumerate a list of pain points and opportunities that can be addressed in the coming decade.

2019 December

12-29 Open Microservice Specification

Write once, use forever. Share between your team or open it up to millions of developers. Use any of our libraries to autogenerate the interface for anyone to use your microservice.

12-25 Bazel 2.0

A new major version of Bazel, Bazel 2.0 has just been released. In particular, it brings some important flag flips that did not make it into Bazel 1.0. Bazel 2.0 is a new major release and brings the following incompatible changes.

12-24 List of cognitive biases

Cognitive biases are systematic patterns of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics. Many of these biases affect belief formation, business and economic decisions, and human behavior in general.

12-24 Automatiser les tests d’intégration de votre API avec Postman et Newman

Les tests sont une composante primordiale de n’importe quel développement et il est aujourd’hui très commun de retrouver un grand nombre de tests unitaire et de tests d’intégration avec nos projets.

12-24 htop explained

For the longest time I did not know what everything meant in htop. I thought that load average 1.0 on my two core machine means that the CPU usage is at 50%. That's not quite right. And also, why does it say 1.0?

12-24 Azure Container Registry Adds Teleportation

Instancing a custom environment within seconds is one of the many wonders of running containers. Having to wait for the image and its layers to download & decompress the first time is the current price of admission.

12-20 faas-containerd - serverless without Kubernetes

Let's start with a quick glossary then get into the detail. Since my initial attempt went on hold, k3s arrived and has dramatically reduced the memory footprint of Kubernetes and even enabled the single-node use-case even further.

12-17 Docker Tips: All About the Build Context

The build context is the set of files located at the specified PATH or URL. Those files are sent to the Docker daemon during the build so it can use them in the filesystem of the image. Let’s illustrate this.

12-16 Minify and Secure Docker containers (free and open source!)

Don't change anything in your Docker container image and minify it by up to 30x making it secure too! Keep doing what you are doing. No need to change anything. Use the base image you want. Use the package manager you want. Don't worry about hand optimizing your Dockerfile.

12-14 csstools/postcss-logical

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. These shorthand properties set values for physical properties by default.

12-13 Continuous integration and deployment with Bazel

Dropbox server-side software lives in a large monorepo. One lesson we’ve learned scaling the monorepo is to minimize the number of global operations that operate on the repository as a whole. Years ago, it was reasonable to run our entire test corpus on every commit to the repository.

12-09 Shave 99.93% off your Lambda bill with this one weird trick

AWS Solutions Architects hate him. AWS launched Provisioned Concurrency for Lambda at re:Invent 2019 last week — essentially a way to keep warm Lambdas provisioned for you so you don’t experience any cold start latency in your function invocations.