2018 January

01-29 Serverless Golang API with AWS Lambda – A Cloud Guru

01-29 Jenkins X: open source CI / CD platform for kubernetes

01-29 Taking a Message-Based Approach to Logging

01-29 Restlet Client | Tutorials

01-29 Bloomberg Release Open Source “PowerfulSeal” Kubernetes-Specific Chaos Testing Tool

01-29 Choose a loosely coupled architecture for DevOps success

01-29 Qubes Air: Generalizing the Qubes Architecture | Qubes OS


01-29 Principles of Chaos Engineering


01-29 Refactoring a JavaScript video store

01-29 “7 Hacks for ES6 Developers”

01-29 Running Go AWS Lambda functions locally - djhworld.github.io

01-29 Writing Protobuf Services in PHP

01-27 Running Go Programs as IBM Cloud Functions - IBM Cloud Blog


0001 January

01-01 🇬🇧 Every GitLab Page deserves a real CI/CD | 2020-07-23 | GitLab CI

In this blog post I will explain how to structure a GitLab Page, but more powerful how to do a review application like with any other web application project. (I used free plan of GitLab.com) Firstavall, what are GitLab Pages? You can have a look to the GitLab documentation here: https://docs.

01-01 Why StopCOVID Fails as a Privacy-Preserving Design

This analysis is written in collaboration with Anne Weine and Benjamin Lipp.

01-01 What is secret sprawl and how developers can prevent it?

When developers refer to secret sprawl they are typically referring to the unwanted distribution of secrets across multiple platforms, services and machines.

01-01 TSV - Tab Separated Values: My Favorite Format

TSV (Tab-Separated Values) is a simple text format for tabular data. I'll describe how I work with TSV files on the command line and why TSV is my favorite format for tabular data. A tsv file encodes a number of records that may contain multiple fields. Each record is represented as a single line.

01-01 The Ten Commandments of Container Security

A cybersecurity incident can cause severe damage to the reputation of the organization and competitive disadvantage in the market, the imposition of penalties, and unwanted legal issues by end-users. On average, the cost of each data breach is USD 3.92 million as per this IBM report.

01-01 NoiseTorch

NoiseTorch is an easy to use open source application for Linux with PulseAudio. It creates a virtual microphone that suppresses noise, in any application.

01-01 Multi-Master Replication Solutions for PostgreSQL

Due to the immense generation of data, scalability has become one of the hottest topics in the field of databases. Scalability can be achieved horizontally or vertically.

01-01 Introducing AWS Copilot

The first official command line tool for Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) was created in 2015. In December 2019, we shared the preview release of a new command line experience, redesigned from the ground up to make it easier for you to deploy your applications on Amazon ECS.

01-01 How They Test

How They Test A collection of publicly available resources on how software companies in the world test their software systems and build their quality culture.

01-01 high power tools for HTML

</> htmx high power tools for HTML introduction htmx allows you to access AJAX, WebSockets and Server Sent Events directly in HTML, using attributes, so you can build modern user interfaces with the simplicity and power of hypertext htmx is small (~7k min.

01-01 gitlabci-local

Launch .gitlab-ci.yml jobs locally, wrapped inside the specific images, with inplace project volume mounts and adaptive user selections. Rather than creating yet another standard, the .gitlab-ci.yml specification is the common and unique interface between GitLab CI and gitlabci-local.

01-01 Getting Started with RediSearch 2.0

RediSearch 2.0 is now out in public preview! Most of the features in this major new release have been driven by your feedback, with a focus on improving the developer experience and enhanced scalability. But this blog post concentrates on helping you get started using RediSearch 2.

01-01 FireEye Shares Details of Recent Cyber Attack, Actions to Protect Community

FireEye is on the front lines defending companies and critical infrastructure globally from cyber threats. We witness the growing threat firsthand, and we know that cyber threats are always evolving.

01-01 Deploying ephemeral Kubernetes clusters with Terraform and env0

env0 is a SaaS that can deploy Terraform plans, track their cost, and automatically shut them down after a given time. I’m going to show how to use it to deploy short-lived Kubernetes clusters and make sure that they get shut down when we don’t use them anymore.

01-01 Cheat sheet Ansible

Télécharge la cheat sheet Ansible maintenant. Terminé les pertes de temps à refaire les mêmes recherches Google, garde ce pense-bêtes avec toi…

01-01 AWS Lambda now supports container images as a packaging format

You can now package and deploy AWS Lambda functions as a container image of up to 10 GB. This makes it easy to build Lambda based applications using familiar container tooling, workflows, and dependencies.

01-01 AWS CodeArtifact

AWS CodeArtifact is a fully managed artifact repository service that makes it easy for organizations of any size to securely store, publish, and share software packages used in their software development process.