0001 January

01-01 Announcing Google Cloud buildpacks—container images made easy

01-01 A Tiny, Static, Full-Text Search Engine using Rust and WebAssembly

I wrote a basic search module that you can add to a static website. It's very lightweight (50kB-100kB gzipped) and should work with Hugo, Zola, and Jekyll. Only searching for entire words is supported. Try the search box on the left for a demo. The code is on Github.

01-01 A Serverless Content Management System for Websites built with AWS

A serverless alternative to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other Content Management Systems. This project can be used to create, manage, and host websites with static and frequently changing content. Easily extend to build in whatever functionality you need.

01-01 A Custom Kubernetes Scheduler to Orchestrate Highly Available Applications

As long as you're willing to follow the rules, deploying on Kubernetes and air travel can be quite pleasant. More often than not, things will “just work”.

01-01 250 Practice Questions For Terraform Associate Certification

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or developers who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.